De Facto DSAI Arrestment

Giving the issue, what happened from the arrestment DSAI have wondering me. They talk about slander, in this scenario, DSAI who get slandered by SB has been arrested. Is said to take his statement. Of course the evidence is not revealing yet.

In another scenario, they said that someone slandered one of the “MT” in the government. Also they called it as a slander, but the statutory of declaration have been made. I wonder, why in this case the person who said had slandered someone was arrested? But in the DSAI arrestment, why himself been arrested not the person who slandered him, SB?

If we follow through the issue, we can see the answer for these questions are, someone have an objective with DSAI arrestment. They told the people that the arrestment is no political objective. Who can say that? Today no one can hide such thing from the people. Now people can easily spot the two different colors. If they don’t care about it, let see how long they can stand. Soon, they will be defeated with their own foolish strategy.


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